THE MYSTIX are proud to announce the release of their 8th album, TruVine. Produced by the legendary drummer, Marco Giovino, the album is infused with Marco’s visionary eclectic style, fitting seamlessly with the band’s unique energy and nonconformist approach.

TruVine consists of covers from such American icons as Robert Johnson, Doc Boggs, Ola Belle Reed, JJ Cale as well as five original Mystix tracks that have been re-imagined, all cut with everything happening in the moment at Woolly Mammoth Studios, an atmosphere inspiring a creative energy that helped limit overdubbing to a minimum.

Welcome to the strange, eclectic and passionate search for the Main Taproot where chaos and form meet in the TruVine.

Produced by: Marco Giovino 

Engineered by: Tim Phillips and Dave Westner

Featuring: Stu Kimball, Duke Levine, Doug Lancio, Asa Brosious, Sonny Barbato, Paul Brown, Neal Pawley. Steve Jankowski, Joe Who, Billy Earheart, and Tom West. 

The Mystix ® 2022


TruVine Behind the Scenes

Woolly Mammoth