Exceptionally good album

”Mighty Tone” was released 2012 by Mystix Eyes Records and contains 12 tracks:

  1. Blues #4 (Jimmy Rogers)
  2. Wish I Had Answered (Roebuck Staples)
  3. Mighty Love (Jo Lily)
  4. Mean Woman Blues (Ernest Tubb)
  5. Mighty Tone (Jo Lily)
  6. Wave My Hand (Traditional)
  7. Jelly Roll (Clarence and Spencer Williams)
  8. Keep On Walkin’ (Jo Lily)
  9. Just To Be With You (Bernard Roth)
  10. I Believe I’ll Run on (Tony Dyson)
  11. Time Brings About A Change (Dixon-Flemings)
  12. Too Close (Traditional)

This is The Mystix fourth album and it is a celebration of the early American musicians who has had a huge impact on today’s blues music. The Mystix are doing a great job both with the covers as their own songs. All of the participating musicians are playing with expression. This is without exaggeration an exceptionally good album but it wouldn’t have been half as good without Jo Lilly’s expressive singing. His hoarse voice is perfect for this type of music.

The Mystix are:
Jo Lilly: vocals, guitars. Bobby Keyes: guitars. Marty Ballou: bass Tom West: Keyboards and Marty Richards: drums.
One of several guest artists who are playing on the album is the legendary harmonica player, Jerry Portnoy.