"...the band's music have been compared to giants such as Howlin' Wolf and Captain Beefheart."

– Zero Magazine

You're The
Best Lover

The Mystix

Single Release


The band is thrilled to present our newest track, “You’re the Best Lover,” written by the brilliant Steve Earl. I believe it comes from his super cool album, “Terraplane.” Just as a sidenote, for car enthusiasts, the Hudson Terraplane was a classic American ride with a big straight 6 that could keep up with the Ford V8’s in the mid-30s. Robert Johnson sang about this car in “Terraplane Blues.” I’m pretty sure that’s what Steve is referring to in his album title.

Anyway, this tune really grabbed us. We performed it some years back, and we decided to revisit it. Bobby Keyes and I asked Marco Giovino to produce the track. Of course, Marco played drums and brought in his fellow bandmate Byron House on bass. As a vocalist, I can tell you these guys are one heckuva rhythm section. It’s like a concrete foundation.

Bob Keyes added his usual amazing tweaks and parts, bringing a very cool vibe. To top it off, we asked Luther Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars to join us again. He knew the track and was excited to lay down some slide on it. Marco used my acoustic guitar like a battering ram in the top of the tune. Of course, I only use a little Washburn split tail guitar, but he’s got that thing barking like a junkyard dog. The track just takes off from there, and we’re very proud and grateful to Steve Earle for his song and to all these great musicians for this super cool track.

Great organist Paul Brown, who was the musical director for Ann Peebles for some years, laid down a super aggressive and expressive organ track. I had flashbacks of Arthur Brown and Jimmy Smith. Anyway, he’s a great guy and super organist. We were privileged to have him on board.

From the beginning, Marco was looking for a gut-punch approach, and I think he got us there. Hope you’ll have a listen.



You’re The Best Lover

Release date: 2024-05-10