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The Mystix are joined by the North Mississippi All-Stars in performing this R.L. Burnside song. Together the two bands create their own interpretation of this swampy classic, featuring Luther Dickinson on the slide and Cody Dickinson on the electric washboard.

All the best,
Jo Lily (Vocals, Writer)

Album: Can't Change It

Release Date 08/07/20

"Greatest swamp band you've probably never heard"

-Chicago Sun Times


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Album: Blue Morning
The Mystix ® 2021

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a bona fide gem

So sweet to see a new Mystix album!!! They don’t release much, but it’s always high quality when they do. And the new ‘I Can’t Change It’ is a bona fide gem, bridging Americana blues, soul and rock with singer Jo Lily leading the way with wisdom-laced, warmly deep vocals that sound like a mix between modern-day Bob Dylan with touches of Howlin’ Wolf and Dr. John. Jo moves from outlaw blues to smokey mood pieces to stunning, soul-searching originals […]

Reminiscent of Roger Chapman from Family

Cooltourist The band Duke And The Drivers had been on the Boston music scene since 1973, and in the years to come they earned a reputation as a crisp R&B party combo. For a long time the unmistakable frontman was Jo Lily, given the stage name Sam Deluxe. At the beginning of the second millennium AD he left the Drivers and founded The Mystix a little later, without making any significant stylistic changes. In the meantime the band can present […]

Album is divided into a bluesy half and an Americana half

Peter Marinus, Blues Town Music Try to imagine the following: Howlin’ Wolf as the singer of an Americana band or Captain Beefheart who sings the blues with devotion. Both fantasies come true on the seventh album by the American band the Mystix. A band consisting of Jo Lily (vocals, ex-Duke & the Drivers), Bobby Keyes (guitar, a studio musician i.a. with Mary J. Blige), Tom West (keyboard), Marty Ballow (bass), Duke Levine (guitar) and Mario Giovino (drums, producer), plus guests […]

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Can't Change It


Can’t Change It features twin lead guitars of Bobby B Keyes and Duke Levine, coupled with the unique vocals of Jo Lily. The rhythm section features Marco Giovino on drums and Marty Ballou on stand up bass, as well as an outstanding lineup of guest appearances, including the North Mississippi All-Stars, the legendary Charlie McCoy, famous British pedal steel player B.J. Cole (“Rocket Man”), and keyboardist extraordinaire Tom West.