Got that real raw dirty gritty mean voice


Now, this rocks pretty well like a SEASICK STEVE meets JOHNNY CASH meets HOWLIN’ WOLF kinda a mixture of rootsy bluesy rock and classic Americana countryrock. THE MYSTIX do it very well on their 7th album Can’t change it. This American band was formed back in 2002 around Jo Lily (vocals, ex-Duke & the Drivers), Bobby Keyes (guitar, Mary J. Blige), Tom West (keyboards), Marty Ballow (bass), Duke Levine (guitar), and Mario Giovino (drums, producer), and they deliver a great 14 tracks counting album here. The uptempo pieces are the best songs (Outlaw blues, Ain’t gonna cry and Jumper on the line), although the epic semi-ballads Let’s get started and Wouldn’t mind dyin have a real smooth feeling that sounds like something JOHNNY CASH did not create in his career. Definitely, a recommended band to check out if you like your country/blues/roots rock to sound as raw as possible because the band’s singer JO LILLY has got that real raw dirty gritty mean voice needed for this kind of music.