Superb Fat Possum-Style Blues

Micheles Kindh

A band with the beautiful name The Mystix makes me think of the psychedelic pop dream Question Mark & the Mysterians or the indie band with three question marks in the name. Although The Mystix make a mix of both superb Fat Possum-style blues in the spirit of R.L. Burnside and blues-rock reminding us of Little Feats. For me, just the fact that The North Mississippi Allstars are involved is telling enough.

Lovely music that thunders nicely but still a bit of dirt under the musician’s nails. This is a band that we would have needed in the 2000s. This band has been one of my favorites over the years. The new album really affirms the importance of blues-rock, despite the stimulating country-rock themes that are embedded in the tracks.

The Mystix did it again.