Gretsch G6199

Behind the scenes with the equipment from Yolanda 2021. A Gretsch G6199 Billy-Bo and the rare Orange Twin Reverb.

Yolanda 2021

Another Kind of Love

Blondie 1959 Gibson 330

Set up by John Carruthers CA
added tremolo bar, frets, nut, tuners, Seymour Duncan Humbucker pickups.
Jo’s early 2004 Vero 20th Century Limited Ampliflier w/12″ Weber Classic Alnico speaker.

Goya Rangemaster

Listen closely; you will hear that it has the sound of the Spaghetti Western. Considered to be one of the guitars used in the making of soundtracks, as it had a plethora of sounds from the unbelievably numerous switches, buttons, etc.

It’s been completely gone over, and every darn switch button, bell, buzz button, etc., is in complete working order. Built sometime in the mid to late 60s to early 70s – many models came without build numbers that make it difficult to trace the exact year it was built.

Goya Rangemaster