Farewell for Now…

Greetings Friends,

The Mystix would like to thank our wonderful fans for the amazing support that you provided us over the course of the past 10 years.  The warm reception that has been given to our music has been truly remarkable.  The outpouring of enthusiasm and positive feedback that we’ve received from our American and European audiences, radio stations and media outlets, has been quite humbling and appreciated beyond measure.

Our 2016 live CD, “The Mystix Rhythm and Roots,” received a great response and represents the band at the top of our game, as did our 2016 performances, culminating with our last show at Blue Ocean Music Hall, where we were fortunate to have many of our loyal fans, as well as friends and family, in attendance.  The experience for The Mystix that evening was second to none, as some of our very talented musician friends joined us on stage.  Thank you one and all!

We have since taken the time to pause and reflect back over our experiences.  The Mystix recorded a total of 6 albums and had the honor of playing at many outstanding clubs, theaters and festivals. It has been an amazing run for us, none of which would have been possible without all of YOU.  Words cannot express the deep appreciation that we feel.

For the time being, and after a great deal of thought, we have decided to take a break from performing.  We will always cherish the happy memories and wish to go out on a high note.  We truly will miss you.

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to all of my fellow band members.  It has been both a joy and an honor to share the stage with such a fine group of musicians.  A very special thanks to our musical director, Bobby Keyes, and our manager, Jacques Hauray.  Thank you for stepping up behind the scenes to manage the band in such an effective manner. Your unwavering attention to detail allowed for us to focus our energy on doing what we love.

Together, over the past 10 years, The Mystix have attempted to honor some of the icons of American music, as well as to create our own music in tribute to these Greats.  We sincerely hope that we have served them, and you, well.


With love and gratitude,

Jo Lily and The Mystix